Step 1

Gene synthesis and vector construction

Step 2

DNA delivery into chloroplasts

Step 3

Selection and shoot regeneration

Step 4

Plant grown to maturity insoil and harvest seeds

Step 5

Large scale planting and harvest leaves

Step 6

Extract chloroplasts

Step 7

Lyse chloroplasts and purify protein

Step 8

Protein Characterisation (Quality Control)


High Yielding

2-5 grams per kilogram of leaf material.

High biomass:
c.1MT of biomass/year for 10mX10m


Gene silencing, position and epigenetic effects are absent in the chloroplast genetic system.

Therefore, there are unchanging levels of expression


Plant-based proteins expression has GRAS status and does not harbour harmful endotoxins or viral and prion contaminants, resulting in a simplified downstream process


A highly scalable expression system for a continuous and sustainable production of recombinant proteins

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