Bright Biotech is a Contract Manufacturing and Development Organisation specialising in plant-based expression and production of high quality and affordable recombinant proteins for R&D, therapeutic, cosmeceutical, agri-food and industrial applications.

We have a game-changing innovative technology which uses chloroplasts to express high amounts of high-value proteins in plants. Chloroplast expression is light-driven making it sustainable and is animal- and microbial-free. Bright Biotech expression system is stable and inherited through many seed generations making the expression system highly scalable.

We are currently producing and supplying recombinant growth factors to the R&D sector to address a supply bottleneck that is impeding commercial applications of growth factors in the medical field and challenging the economic viability and commercialisation of cultivated/ lab-grown meat which promises major environmental, health and moral benefits.

Our aim is to embed our technology in the Recombinant Protein Contract Manufacturing and Development market by establishing our technology as Biotech’s partner of choice for production of innovative solutions to medical, environmental, and agricultural challenges.